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Aubrey O’Day no makeup

Aubrey O’Day is vacationing in Maui, posing for photos with parrots. The interesting bit is she’s makeup-free, which is a rare occasion for her. Rumors say she’s got plenty of botox injections but the photo seems to suggest otherwise.

Nicki Minaj no makeup

Here’s an unreleased song by Nicki Minaj. The key part is not the rap (I guess it’s not that bad) but her face. I imagine this is the last time she appeared without tons of crazy makeup!

Demi Lovato no makeup

Demi Lovato is posing for her web cam fans without any makeup. Just like Selena Gomez (and unlike Miley), Demi is a natural beauty and doesn’t need a lot of makeup to look stunning, especially on a web cam.

Amanda Peet no makeup

Amanda Peet has taken her Steven Tyler impersonation to a new level: the hair, the glasses, the wrinkled skin…

Anne Hathaway no makeup

Anne Hathaway is seen without makeup (especially her lipstick) courtesy of US Magazine.

Tori Spelling no makeup

The Daily Mail has done it again – caught a celebrity without makeup. This time, it’s Tori Spelling. Tori Spelling is 38 and 8 months pregnant on this photo (and probably off botox injections for the time being).

Kirsten Dunst no makeup

Kirsten Dunst is obviously cold in her bikini, despite the fact it’s bright sunny day. Combining the sun with the lack of makup, Kirsten looks pretty washed out!

Taylor Swift no makeup

Taylor Swift always sports bright lipstick when she’s on the red carpet. This time she’s at the beach and she’s without her makeup posing with a fan!

Claudia Schiffer no makeup

Claudia Schiffer looks OK for a mother of three, yet the former supermodel could benefit from some light makeup… even some lipstick would be an improvement.

Amber Heard no makeup

Amber Heard has forgotten her makeup kit at home but she never forgets her Christian Dior shades.