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Katy Perry no makeup

Ever wondered why Katy Perry often dresses like a clown? It seems that the explanation lies in her problem skin. The more and heavier the makeup, the more colorful the outfit.

Katherine Heigl no makeup

Katherine Heigl is always picture-perfect, whether in her movies or at the red carpet. Here’s a rare glimpse of her without makeup.

Kristen Stewart no makeup

Kristen Stewart never smiles, so one think she is always in-character. Of course, her rebel image could benefit some light makeup.

Mischa Barton no makeup

Mischa Barton is famous for … OK, she’s not that famous, so she could let herself have a “casual” Friday.

Uma Thurman no makeup

Uma Thurman is one of the most stunning actresses in Hollywood. Yet, she managed to pull off this amazing outfit, as reported by Daily Mail.

Ignore the face, ice cream and all, and focus on her bra. Do you see what I see? A pack of cigarettes tucked in her bra! Add the worst pants and Uma is bad need of a new celeb stylist!

Cameron Diaz no makeup

Last time, we profiled Pixie Lott who confesses she’s taking acne medication for her problem skin.

Now we have superstar Cameron Diaz facing the same problem. Usually, she wears a ton of makeup – especially when we see her in movies or in TV shows.

Pixie Lott no makeup

Pixie Lott is topping the charts in the UK once more.

Pixie Lott looks stunning in her videos but she confesses she has a problem skin and is taking acne medication.

Rose McGowan no makeup

Rose McGowan has become almost unrecognizable with all the botox and surgery she’s had. This is a rare photo from before, when she could still put very little makeup and still look good.

Miley Cyrus no makeup

Miley Cyrus was counting the limo driver to make a secret entrance, so she didn’t put any makeup.

January Jones no makeup

January Jones is an absolute stunner … in makeup. It looks like she’s taking care of her dirty underwear, which is the perfect time for that natural look.