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Anne Hathaway no makeup

Anne Hathaway is seen without makeup (especially her lipstick) courtesy of US Magazine.

Tori Spelling no makeup

The Daily Mail has done it again – caught a celebrity without makeup. This time, it’s Tori Spelling. Tori Spelling is 38 and 8 months pregnant on this photo (and probably off botox injections for the time being).

Amber Heard no makeup

Amber Heard has forgotten her makeup kit at home but she never forgets her Christian Dior shades.

Snooki no makeup

Snooki is trying hard to look her cutest and Superficial agrees that she’s cute, even without makeup.

Nelly Furtado no makeup

Nelly Furtado is super famous with her good looks and catchy tunes. She’s also suffering from chronic acne breakouts which she promptly covers with makeup.

Olivia Wilde no makeup

Olivia Wilde is still wildly sexy, even with zero make up.

Pippa Middleton no makeup

Pippa Middleton without makeup? I wonder what the Queen would say!

Jennifer Love Hewitt no makeup

Jennifer Love Hewitt is on some kind of a web cam with strange lighting and zero makeup. Not a pretty picture!

Nicole Richie no makeup

Nicole Richie has never left home with her lip balm – Kiehl’s Lip Balm #1. Here’s Nicole without her makeup.

Leighton Meester no makeup

Leighton Meester is the star of Gossip Girl. She attended a party without makeup and everyone from the Daily Mail to Huffpo, posted unflattering photos of her.